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I created this website to help anyone with friendship bracelets, and just to hear your ideas and help get them out to others. On this website you can find pictures of my bracelets I have made. I will also make tutorial videos for those who want them, so if you need help with something write it in the blog and I can just explain it or make a video. You can also just e-mail me your pictures or a link to your videos and I can post them on this here so others can see. Most of the bracelets I have made are from the patterns on http://www.friendship-bracelets.net/index.php, and they have tons of stuff about friendship bracelets that can help you too! A little about me, my name's Colleen, I have been tieing for about 4 years, and making them just really help me relax, and it just gives me something todo. Here is my e-mail so you can ask me questions and send me pictures and videos if you want: peace.love.violin@gmail.com. Hope this site helps!

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Tutorials to come:
-The Arrow Double Wave Bracelet
-Remade versions of the Wave and double wave
-The open Chevron
-Beaded Leather Bracelet
-How to make a keychain bracelet